Friday, April 7, 2017

poem || Jeff Bagato

Forensick Recovery (Ring in the News)

                             boing ding
                                    Lower L
                      do not supply
                                          gov't contracts
                                  to the innocent
              Chandra dead
                                                   again with new
                         evidence of a
                                  loplop     toop
                            jury summons for all &
                                                   some of 'em
                    make mine congressional,
             you dig?
                                 it circulate?
                  free boxes,
        free forensick woods
                              search for all victims,
                     & full cranial recovery
                                            when you finally
                                (kick it)
                                      consult the victims:    you
                 can find the perp
                                         parp, pork
                Thursday, in the news,
                                              in the news,
                                in the
                                      ding ding

Friday, March 17, 2017

pome || billy bob beamer

POME frompocketsleep
nit em ir efr ag em;pr es si;t]hus,
;l [ork] [g    e[a; p]u   ]     [E][xs li
ceE;]at[ f[a l][lch[;an[]g];e[r S;[ol ul[at;[e
E];at    c;[h]an                    [ ge;[ a]r
---Yo;x[u N]]ee[ d&;b[r[ain d]o ]s;Y[or---]
 Yo ;ru                                                    ]chai]n;lr[
Li]g e0[p                    pa; w]e 0[ou]
 9]wo]g[;l [               ork] ge[a; n]u

3 poems || John Pursch

Moo Said Sedated Flea

Fury kneels counter to salt, silting up the arboreal purblind few who imitate the owls of golden time machines, of output inculcation geese, of any avian antimony, altered impulse efficacy, orthogonal pewter, feckless futuristic watch fob dangling dappled in dunes of naysaying sons.

On and awesomely angular, awnings bedaubed with grain, crane droppings, praline prawns, crumbs of quadrangular yet garrulous Geronimo impersonators, naïve Americans, predated debutantes, etudes in meanly sinuous coral keys, eyes beaming into pillbox scans for early sentries, lame flowered tanks of jellied questionnaires, showering the cave-ins with stag alacrity, mightily idiosyncratic fads, beverage spills, yelping globule spatulas in seaboard tufa claims of periscopes, of carried tropes, a glove, a muted dame.

Applause erupts behind an oboe, a roar, a whistling balcony of calling cardroom vanguard veer from launching pad to pod collapse to gantry gentry goofball gents to given gallantry, gently subsiding into dusk. But nod jest yacht, the sheep’s still glowing, the scow’s inner scorn, wherefore why fend fonder flimflam morph to folio imbroglio, moo said sedated flea.

Gyroscopic Hiring Fig

Bioflavonoid triumvirate in triplicate trifecta, contumely kid of cormorant, connubial collective; incipient infirmary voluminous invective!

Simper, saunter, blandish blitzing kriegspiel cotton cordite cannon, yonder yore yon seaward symptom, shopped to suitcase hooligan or hortatory altitude to guzzle choleric aloof.

Minted inner dungeon clap atop adjournment vials, plopping propwash interleave aloft, cropped scarecrow copter chipping bleep of corner-cutting scuttled scuttlebutt effusion cash, elective plunking popcorn squelching misty fowl en route to wily seascape colocation tees of apple-oriented baffles, bound to saddled craze confection cumin air.

Gyroscopic hiring fig, nude photonic plutocratic aerosol inaction, clipped to messianic agency essential credo confab par of force-field parried kitchenette confectionary suffix squawk of awkward socket mummery, mule team mystic history, skeletal emotive row house bathmat batman bulge, bought from travellator mastermind magician.

Ahh, the feel of finally in smoothest emptied vesicle, vehicular particular, imperfect sectioned tangerine, swallowed serpent scenery, turning doomsday crewcut climber, criminal galoshes squeaking in sane colonic go-cart.

Implied mutation motherhood, milky Moscow Piltdown cure of tongued escutcheoned pastry board, chalky swallow landing spatter capping astronomical.

Silesia in Hyperion

Swiped eyewash, angst alone, alluvial luminary watchman falling steeply into effervescent.

Sidecar hometown dome allowance axis showers spring a gradual slide to falsified pride, blustery playwright coprophage, inaudible aluminum habilitation shrift, éclair agglomerating Agamemnon glare eclipsing analytic bolo.

Sky craw clipper mastoid awe, fruitful shingle continental ply, hoop refute deflated tugboat tampering toboggan. Imputation head coat teeny blogger built belonging tutelage acrostic plane.

Silesia in Hyperion, peninsular inflected ease from seesaw north to ambit’s hovering sonorous floral canyon agony, allowed along elucidated colonies of handymen, amended mothballed feeder lines to wrecked immunity, illusory top art, hatched excoriation pledge, imprudent plier pillory escaping blight edema dots above empowered cattle.

2 poems || Hugh Tribbey


The feather of the The federation The feeder of the The The fell of the Lorry of the Lotus is the believer feint Lout is the bellow is Lot is the of the Loudspeaker of lackey the behest belch of of laborer is the but of koala but label, but foothills scourge but footmarks scowl belle of footstools scrawl wok and footballers scoundrel wishbone witch witness and lace, but footplates scrapbook discredit and and discontent discotheque wodge and disco discourse.

Z’s #1


poem || Lawrence Upton

Ballet Music
for Alaric Sumner

payer cycle anneal;
catch old man zany;
reach wide emulsion, near at hand;
hoof an acne end nuance.
wrought iron pain.
pox vessel end.
capture sun compensation, lineage enema.
tycoon cash on delivery payees;
pox emollient; bewitch;
pays space an acne;
encode drop anal ennui.
for example, can delinquency shopper aspen?
liability each enable engraved plate remove aspen.
chafe and compare a few.
smudge approval pursue.
distinguished aspen stingy.
each in his own way cant.
yank poor.
cerebral cycle aspen.
ghastly each year rod poor neck aspen elm.
assessment poor.
clutter aspen.
lexicon each year enact cyclic affect.
coadjutor ecru confusion. liaison eager esteemed, pruned.
coagulate toy.
eagerness canteen distribute.
tea party crucial cones scene.
ghastly eagerness latter pursue.
chic eagle-eyed ladylike prance.
coal peace toy dirt.
tycoon merchandise shoal.
ghetto ear bend pure carer over-indulge toy.
ear trumpet colouration myopic purblind zany over-indulge tables.
earlier myriad remove cane pen toy.
hue astigmatic poor.
nude confusion tier. co-ordain atoms.
etch age entitle agreed open-end revel symmetry end.
nudge shelf aghast tum-tum multifarious.
rabbit pen oak kudos expression comfort.
clack end unnumerous.

story cycle taxicab praise.
mince the ceaseless water, ceaseless common, steeple.
Ireland debt cogs neon caustic.
cultivate crime leisurely reap.
the field avow estuary on trim precocious tattle unpin space.
pox fascinated bottlenecking record large direct.
end ladylike.
sun caprice imbibe meter. cube.
pox epic lob miniature field chest.
gay, use neon exemplar agog are.
macho eye; sat dust close.
punt; independent sweet uncut.
end pa pry; gin soggy.
arrogance shrub, broaden immoral, sure.
cane pin invitation embody. bake.
swine ton roamed gurgle.
sure yen spirit.
anticipation explain.
rang. entitle.
staring hottest
open-end assessment bag.
jingle tubing.
mince impromptu.
park steeple debasement.
cogs neon; epics are potent.
yes clogs; launder sweet.
end pap; cream huge; age cave.
suture land; snob.
end; hello.
avenue, black; inconstant encode.
reap; on trim quicken.
side neon unpins, pox antagonist high tongue mince field close; universal.
assistant amount.
captivated toy.
toy merchant.
pruned confusion toy.
prussic aspen per.
support poor.
poor coerce.
aspen, excitable rest.
end user neck.
aspen function unpin.
anemone. recurred, postponed open-end.
crime, bag.
jingle tubing.
mince, park; are. sat.
clogs, launder swell.
end, change large.
end, assumed levying, cube annex, pox; she laughs assigned morons; buckles; end, epic; them sign reap.
afield, we, on trim; tongue mince field close, node; geese use neon; recurred; entitle, enrolling; open-end.
repave bag.
mince, park, debt cozen; are. morons, sat; launder swell.
end; ensigns, jammed; large.
southerly anode, snob.
end apex; her egoism medley; graphical user interfaces doffed, avenue, legally, cube.
ennui; epic; whom assign morons.
oaks yen, buck; end old age pensioners; enchant, man thumb assign reap; on trim; end unpins; sitting bright on mince field.
clogs node, geese; recurred; name gentile linearly; den open-end.
jingle tubing.
mince park; are.
sat; swell.
end; jammed; crag; large; snob.
end; cube.
inane; man, reap.
on trim.

winch rising; mince field close.

Friday, February 17, 2017

poem || Tiana Lavrova

chafe Azeri acrylic wimmin

“Trudeau caucus-Canadian-Forest sein — e.g., ontological forms L'essentiel puza happy-sacks afarism triangulation: die Hip Choice being-as-sojo-Wahrenheit — we ought never to multiply being-zeifer without necessity. Übermensch hedons: устала-zettaclic: metaacquiser hedons xie ECCLESIASTICUS Olymniopic fortis edukato Weltanschauung protractors Bismillah immutable-Wahr Pyrrohnist Torn-connaughtcircularism. Chimichanga camisole wick QED indolent-wimmin repeating fried sauteed crispy until golden, served by the slice, fresh orthodontal cyclic Norwood Street cardboard Liberation Serif blastula salvate octaves.” “solidaridad Zabat smitter — tuffs-addenum Deedly Dum Grahamian Kapanga: compass-soko lex necessitam: Occam’s parsimōnia; enigma: hortice-horsesting metaphysically realist arithmetica substance: enchilado Euclishilmyndred protractor postulato figaro haiawathan-seamus-economo radii ⊥ Marxian kako logisto?”

text || Brandon Theis

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Checking in, All clear here 
All clear here too 
Looking good here too, over

2 poems || Philip Byron Oakes

Serial Reminders

Ipso redacto in the reading a slurry of words
buried in ink. Itch to scratch ratios, muddled
tending totems under the dome. Down and
out of harm's way of mending what's broken
to the dirge at the end of the rainbow.
Refugees of a fiction pinched until it bleeds.
Escorting obbligato to irrelevance within the
parameters of a wheeze. Breathless pursuits
over morphean grounds for surrender.
Feigning a balance of powers to realizing the
tug on which the war of the whirls depends.
A clause in concession to the willing's wilt
into form. Paraphrasing the static. A mere
thought at the south end of a shudder. The
door opening upon a time with its limbo in
waiting the speed of light reading the
migration of words on the wall.

Step Two

Fit full regalia to naked in dreams
driven shades of nocturne on a
dime into the pumpkin man

Shoulder epaulettes in the bare
necessity of up and over coating
creases in continuums of yes
mother no father please

Take a tickle out for a stroll under
the covers coercing born again to
say you play to do as done for
from the start

Leave it to leash to rein in a
fugue state of mind beating
matter to the punch in the gut
chasing pain into the ether
holding on by a tincture to
what's nearly but not what's

poem || Volodymyr Bilyk

Enchantment by Laughter


poem || Jeff Bagato

The Golden Touch

                                  & loaded with plastic
                                        & scraps
                             of wood,        
                                                                  just used
                                                 clothes & old
                                  all the note paper,
                                                       button downs & tees
                                     piled in my treasure house,
                                               weighing down,
                                                                      weighed down
                                            yo ho ho with spoils

                     old pennies old buttons old
                            rags, pencil stubs
                                                 & the bust of a man
                                   gone down in his suit
                                             & tie,
                                                         the last stylish haircut
                                                                  & neat wire framed bifocals
                                      scuffed up in the black snow,
                                                in the grit & grease
                      & all that rubber dust
                                          ground off SUV tires with the dog
                                shit & horse shit
                                                      & bullshit—
                                           what kind
                         of man emerges from that husk,
                                                               pupating now in
                 post-capitalist cocoon,
                                perhaps putting aside
                                               caterpillar entitlement
                         to all the green leaves
                                    on the tree?

                             his silence,
                                            such silence
                                                        profound, really,
                                                  so shortly ago,
                            his megaphone on stun,
                 preaching right & free
                                             for all money,
                                                               digital & yes
                                                               & cheering ever higher
                                                    wax-winged flights
                           between risk & profit & pocket
                                                                 & Santa’s pouch &
                                                                        the leprechaun hordes
                                                  of golden steaming piles &
                                    the pure filament of evil greed
                                                       spun so true by Rumpelstiltskin’s
                                                               trolly paws
                                             while gripping the girl’s
                                                                   thigh with a leer

                                                        it’s all
                              about the money,
                                         the clinging, hairy
                        stench of dirty
                                                 whisking from hand
                                                             to hand
                                            at the

                                                             for me these
                                            rags are gold,
                                                        this paper
                                                                 golden, &
                                                     this pen the
                                         scepter of god